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We do it right from the start, with transparent communication and pricing, commitment to your success, and the best service availability in the industry.  

VoIP Phone Systems With
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Unlike most service companies, we give you live, immediate response with service, quality, and reliability.

Our Google Rating:

Our Google Rating:

Not Your Typical Cloud Communications Provider

  • Transparency

    We'll be the first to tell you if we're not a good fit for your needs.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Our competitors make you pay for things that are unnecessary. We work with you to provide the best combination of services and setup that meets your needs and doesn't break the bank.

  • Most Reliable Uptime

    Our systems are configured for the best performance and reliability.

  • Service Responsiveness & One Call Resolution

    When you call us, we answer. Our 24/7 support service is guaranteed to return your initial inquiry.

  • Team That Knows You

    Our internal communications are set up in a way that you never have to explain yourself twice. The people you meet when you start with us are the same people that support you along the way.

Retention measures quality.

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Benjamin Rinaldo
Benjamin Rinaldo
20:07 10 Aug 22
Hover has some of the most dedicated and friendly support people around, each of the employees make you feel special. They have just a friendly nature surrounding them and they are truly nice people
Mary Victor
Mary Victor
14:32 26 Jul 22
I work very closely with the Hover team and only have great things to say. The team is always willing to help, responds in a timely manner and is willing to go above and beyond. Outstanding service each time. Kelly, Amanda and Ryan and excellent!!
johnny Menzies
johnny Menzies
18:17 19 Jul 22
Their app is suburb and their response time and customer service are even better. It is a joy to do business with Hover Networks. Having a mobile app allows me to take my business on the road with me and not miss any calls. I can still answer my office phone while traveling and not have to get an additional cell phone or plan for my sales call. It protects my personal number and still rings on my cell phone. I always know who is calling, whether it is a personal call or a business call. Great company and great people.
Jennifer Baglio
Jennifer Baglio
15:04 24 Jun 22
Our office recently switched from analog lines to a more electronic version offered by Hover Networks. I was a bit nervous that the transition was going to be hard, create a lot more work for me as the office manager, and require a lot of learning. I am happy to say that none of these things happened. The employees of Hover have made this transition so easy. They are knowledgeable, very pleasant, quick to respond to ANY and ALL needs, and have reached out unprompted to see if we are having any issues they can help with. Their customer service is noteworthy and deserve FIVE STARS!
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